Hip Flexor Exercises For Those Who Are Worried With Tight Hips!

Have you ever experienced tightness in your hips? Sitting for a longtime near computer or during long journeys in flights can make you to experience tightness in your hips.

These tightening effects of hip flexors can cause problem, but you can easily get rid of these effects with simple hip flexor exercises.

Practicing hip flexor exercises and working on these muscles to keep them strong is very essential, as they are very helpful in your regular standing, walking and also moving activities of your body.

So it is very essential for you to practice these hip flexor exercises in your daily routine to avoid tightening of hip flexors.Hip Flexor Exercises

Hip flexor exercise 1: (Lying side wards and back kicks)

First, position yourself to lie on any one side of your body with your hips and shoulders stacked over each other and your legs angled slightly forward.

By Keeping your waist long and pelvis in stable position, try to swing your top leg in forward and backward directions at an extended level of your hip.

Repeat this procedure on each side of your body for ten repetitions. If possible, try to add a bicycle to this exercise in same position by just pulling your knee up to your chest and then straightening your leg and swinging it around your back.

Hip flexor exercise 2: (Single leg stretch)

Try to lie on your back with your head positioning towards the floor or you can also lift it for better abdominal work. Then, try to pull one of your both the legs onto your chest and extend your other leg to get a long feeling of hip open up. Repeat the same process with the other leg too for about 10 repetitions.

Hip flexor exercise 3: (Leg circles)

Lie on your back with one leg extended along the floor and also your upper part of the body and leg in a fixed position. Now, try to extend your other leg just below 90 degree angle. Circle your leg around in the hip socket by keeping your pelvis and hips in a still position, with your buttocks anchored to the floor. Repeat the process for ten times.

These are some of the hip flexor exercises which can be helpful for you in loosening tight hips. As a word of caution, try to practice these exercises under the guidance of your personal physical trainer or any experienced individual to avoid undesirable consequences.