Using a Hula Hoop Exercise Routine to Lose Weight

Many people look at the hula hoop as nothing more than an outdated toy that not many people enjoy using in the days of video games and computer screens.  While you may not have realized it in the past, the hula hoop is much more than just some stupid toy.

Hula Hoop Exercise RoutineThe hula hoop is actually one of the best and cheapest ways you can get some exercise in your daily life.

This is far less expensive that most of the exercise equipment you see advertised on television or on sale at the store, and some proper hula hoop exercise on a daily basis is more than enough to help you lose weight.

While you should always combine a workout regiment with a healthy diet, the hula hoop can provide more than its fair share of fun ways to get fit.

There are plenty of different hula hoop exercises you can do to get into shape, so you don’t need to worry about only getting a nice workout on certain areas of your body.

There are exercise routines for your abs, arms, and legs.  The biggest key to remember when you are using a hula hoop for an exercise machine is that you need to use the hula hoop in short bursts.  You can give your metabolism quite a boost by doing a hula hoop exercise multiple times per day rather than just going for one long session.

Two minutes is plenty of time for an exercise routine with your hula hoop, so you can do short bursts of exercises multiple times per day.  This is especially true if you have a job where you work from home and can set your own hours.

A hula hoop exercise method

One of the best ways to exercise with a hula hoop is actually to do it while you watch television.  Don’t worry about missing the important parts of your favorite show because you really just need to exercise during the commercials.

Commercials are the perfect time to exercise with a hula hoop because they offer a great time frame for workouts.  You can have a nice workout for a minute or two and then rest for about ten to fifteen minutes.

If you do a hula hoop exercise during each commercial during an hour of your normal television viewing experience, then you will dramatically increase your metabolism and the overall health of your body.  When you work out during the commercials of one hour of television, you end up with about 22 minutes of exercise time.

While there are plenty of different hula hoop exercises to choose from, you only really need to do one type.  The best exercise with a hula hoop is the classic way of using the toy.  Swing your hips around and keep that hoop spinning for as long as you can during the commercial breaks.

The hula hoop will quickly become your new favorite piece of workout equipment, and you won’t find yourself getting bored of this exercise method very quickly.  When you get to work out with a toy while watching television, there is really nothing better for getting healthy.