Hybrid Exercises- Fat loss and Muscle build up at the same time

The pattern of exercises in most gyms is the same. Traditional way of thinking is that muscle build up cannot be done when you are trying to lose fat, as fat loss will also result in loss of muscle. This means that cardiovascular exercises are considered as unable to be coupled with muscle training or weight lifting exercises.

Hybrid Exercises


Do cardio for weight loss and lift weights to build up muscle density is the belief. However the latest development in the science of fitness training points to the fact that it is actually possible to get the benefits of both weight loss and muscle strengthening through Hybrid exercises.

What is meant by Hybrid Exercise?

Hybrid exercises are those that use multiple patterns of movement into one action. For example a squat and a bench press done at the same time to give the result of aerobic squats and weight training of bench press. These exercises are advanced in so much so that they take less time and are wonderful at delivering result in a combination of many types of exercise patterns which is low repetition larger weights or more repetitions for lower weights.

The exercises are dynamic and changes every few weeks. This has two benefits. First is that the novelty of new exercises takes away monotony and boredom for the person who is undergoing hybrid training.

In addition to this, the unpredictability of the exercises does not let the muscles fall into a rut and stop showing results in a few weeks. The muscles are kept guessing what is coming next and works out at same level throughout the time workout is done. This gives faster and better results.

How do hybrid exercises work?

Studies show that hybrid exercises work without the necessity of breaking up your efforts into separate cardiovascular and weight training days. This is important from the point of view of the trainees who compromise on one or the other part of their workout to save on money and time as squeezing in weight loss and weight training gets to be a problem. Research has shown that combining workouts for the upper and lower body into one single workout has huge payoffs.

Studies done at various parts of the world have shown that workouts that combined upper and lower body workouts can reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and improve overall fitness in as little as eight weeks. Apart from this, such workouts also reduced the fat in the thigh and abdomen over a 14 weeks period by 11% to 12% which is a huge achievement by any standards.

A study done in Ireland also showed that a workout that used upper body and lower body together helped lose 50% more body fat than one that worked out the lower body alone.

How to adopt Hybrid Training?

Take up exercises slowly and work up to your optimum level. Pair different muscle groups while exercising or create a workout with varying degrees of cardiovascular and weight training. Use your own imagination or take the advice of your instructor and get the best out of your hybrid training.

Photo Credit By: fitstep.com