Improve The Overall Fitness Of Your Body With Calisthenics Exercises!

Many of you follow numerous methods in order to stay healthy and fit.

Calisthenics exercises are one of them which will make your body to stay in shape and healthy.

You can improve your overall fitness, strength and physique with these calisthenics exercises.

These exercises involve various simple movements and they need not require any weights and equipment. Both women and men can participate equally in these workouts, but it is mostly used by women than men.Calisthenics Exercises

These calisthenics exercises are most popularly known as the body strengthening exercises because they improve the overall fitness level of the person by strengthening the numerous muscles (including skeletal and cardiac muscles) present in the body.

You can obtain exceptionally efficient and balanced exercise program with these calisthenics exercises. These exercises promote resistance, vigor, agility, coordination and flexibility in your body.

You have to follow some guidelines while performing calisthenics exercises like:

  • Maintaining 3 minutes break between each exercise
  • Before performing these exercises, warm up your body with some core exercises and later on move to the advanced ones.
  • Follow proper schedule and pattern while performing these calisthenics exercises
  • You have to perform these exercises slowly or according to your energy and stamina levels
  • Don’t force yourself to perform these exercises when your are sick or when your energy levels are low
  • You have to practice these exercises in a clean and safe place
  • Wear appropriate clothing while performing these exercises, better go for the stretchable ones
  • Breathe well while practicing these exercises and drink water when you feel thirsty

Some effective and simple calisthenics exercises are squats, crunches or sit-ups, arm rotation, knee rotation, hip rotation, flutter kicks, jumping jack, etc.

These are all simple exercises which are easy to perform. The overall metabolic rate of your body will also be increased by practicing these exercises regularly.

There are several advantages by practicing these exercises regularly like:

  • Promotes overall strength to your body
  • You can obtain resistance power in your body which will be helpful to fight against several diseases
  • Your mental health and self confidence will be developed
  • Helps in treating the problems of depression
  • Do not require any equipment and weights
  • You can do these exercises anywhere you want, but look out for spacious and clean place so that you can feel comfortable while practicing them
  • You can get relief from various body pains and muscle pains by practicing these exercises regularly

In the starting stage, you have to repeat these exercises for 5 to 10 times and later on according to your practice and flexibility, you can repeat each exercise for 25 to 30 times.