Improving Your Golf With Exercise

Improving your game of golf does not just mean hours of putting practice and evenings spent at the golfing range.

There are plenty of exercises that will not only increase your level of fitness but also enhance muscles that will make a difference to your handicap.

The humble dumbbell can be used in many different ways to help golfers.

There are very many exercises that will strengthen your arms which are obviously vitally important in the game.exercise

To help send your drive shot further down the fairway, it is worthwhile doing the following.

Position yourself in the normal stance that you take on the golf course and hold the dumbbell at the point where your club would start to hit the ball. Then raise it up as though following through on you’re, albeit imaginary, shot.

Squats, bicep curls and shoulder presses are all very useful for keen golfers, as is regular bench pressing. Flexibility is the key and if you look at the world’s most successful professional golfers, they are very supple especially in the upper body and around the hip region.

An exercise ball should be in every amateur golfer’s kit bag, and it should be used on a regular basis.

Again you stand in your natural stroke play position but this time you keep the ball to the front pretending that it is your club. After which you swing the ball as hard as you can.

Stretch bands are another simple but effective part of a golfers’ fitness routine which you use by going through the action of swinging a pretend club.