It’s Never Too Late To Start An Anti Aging Exercise Program!

The anti aging exercises are necessary for you if you are aged above 35.

The signs and symptoms which indicate that you have to perform these exercises are:

  • Obtaining wrinkles on the skin including face
  • The chronological aspect that means increase in the number of years since birth
  • Susceptibility to certain illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, etc [Diabetes Cure]
  • Obtaining certain memory disturbances
  • Decrease in the muscle mass or lean body
  • Increased fat content in the body
  • Diminution of hearing and vision
  • Decrease in the immunity
  • Loss of strength or feeling general weaknessAnti Aging Exercise

The various anti aging exercises are as follows:

Exercise for muscles and joints: The 12 major groups of muscles namely chest, upper back, lower back, abdominal, triceps, buttocks, biceps, quadriceps, shoulder, calf, hamstring should involve while performing these exercise for muscles.

  • The aerobic exercises which are done moderately can benefit your muscles and joints. Practicing moderately means you must restrict the heart rate to 80% of the normal value. You can calculate the normal value by subtracting the age from 220.
  • Flex and extend all the joints present in your body. This can be done with weights and without weights.
  • Try to bounce gently on a rebounder. This exercise will help to reduce the joint pains and make your joints strong.
  • Perform aquatic exercises regularly such as swimming. Swimming is the best exercise for the joints.

Anti aging exercise for eyes:

  • Close your eyes and look up and down by moving the eyeballs.
  • Massage the temple with the help of two fingers and simultaneously look up and down.
  • By keeping your eyes closed, lift your eyebrows and stretch your eyelids. Stay in this position for few minutes and repeat this process for few times.

Anti aging exercise for forehead:

  • Lift the eyebrows to the maximum extent and then bring them down. Repeat this process for several times.
  • Now try to bring down your eyebrows towards the eyes. Repeat this process for several times.

Anti aging exercise for lips and cheeks:

  • Smack your lips for several times.
  • Take a narrow pipe or a straw. Now suck in and blow out alternatively.
  • Inflate (blow up) your cheeks and keep them in that position for few seconds and deflate (let down)
  • Try to chew bubble gums.

Yoga is the best anti aging exercise:

You can cure several problems by practicing yoga regularly. There are various physical exercises (asana) and breathing exercises (pranayama) present in yoga. By practicing pranayama regularly you will surely obtain the good results regarding the problem of anti aging.

Various breathing exercises will be present in pranayama. These exercises will help to avoid wrinkles present on your skin and they help to solve other health problems. A glow will be obtained on your skin if you practice yoga regularly.

If you are above 35 years, then follow these anti aging exercises for solving several health, as well as skin (wrinkles) problems.