Exercise Well to keep your Heart Healthy

A sedentary lifestyle can led you to the adverse effects of heart diseases. To be fortunate, you can incline to the regular exercise routine for your heart health. Incorporation of exercise to your daily agenda would not mean that you have to become an athlete. Regular work out especially aerobic exercises will be very advantageous for your heart health as it will assist you to burn your excess calories, to maintain blood pressure, to decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

You should get started with proper guidance of your health provider in order to have the knowledge about your health condition of heart as well as how much and which pattern of exercise will be suitable for you. According to experts suggestion some pattern of moderate aerobic activities for 150 minutes or 75 minutes of energetic activities each week can prevent heart diseases.

Here you are being channeled through some best exercises to improve your heart health.

keep your heart healthyBrisk Walking

Brisk walking either on trade mill or on the road is identified as one of the best way to improve your overall especially heart health. You must have comfortable and supportive shoes for this purpose and add on with your iPod to listen to your favorite music which will boost you up to enjoy your walking and achieve a moderate level of intensity.


Running can be counted as another heart healthy physical activity barring physical injuries. This is the way of burning calories which will be at the same time beneficial for your heart health. Research shows that a person can burn 100 calories while running for a mile. This process will also assist you to reduce your weight. As a beginner you can start with 1 – 2 minutes of running and slowly increase the timing depending on your capabilities.


In spite of granting your pool as place of spending lazy hours you can transform it into a place to make your full body fit. Swimming can be chosen as safe alternative who are suffering from joint pains that can be aggravated by your running or brisk walking. Along with improving your heart rate and health, water will endow with multi directional confrontation that will lead to the development of muscular tone and strength.


To be easy on your joints, cycling would be best option for you. It can be carried out either in the gym classes or outside on the road or in a spin classes. To enjoy the camaraderie, you can also join the cycling club. Cycling will push your heart to pump more as well as it will tone your lower body and core muscles.

Interval or Circuit Training

Being bored off to the stint aerobic exercises you can opt for mix and match with cardiovascular activities. You can merge up 1 strenuous exercise with 3 minutes of cardio exercises. Another option would be performing 5 – 10 strenuous exercise for one set up. This will not only motivate you but also develop your muscular strength and heart health.

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