Kickboxing To Strengthen Your Heart

Do you ever feel sluggish, as if you might need to jump-start your body? Are you tired of being tired all the time?

Maybe you are looking for something to strengthen your body and your heart, but you want it to be a lot of fun. Kickboxing workout can offer you both.

Aerobic kickboxing adds a mixture of martial arts with boxing to its form. Kickboxing workout will give your body the conditioning and toning that it needs.

This exercise is not to be confused with kickboxing that displays physical contact. This type of exercise has been around for many centuries.kickboxing

Starting Off Slow

You will want to start slow when doing any exercise including kickboxing workout. Warm-up exercises are the first thing that you will need to do when starting your kickboxing regimen. This can include sit ups, toe touches, and jumping jacks.

After your warm up for about fifteen minutes, you will do about thirty minutes of kickboxing itself. Sometimes you may want to incorporate punching bags along with jump ropes into your workout.

When you first start your workout, you will need to exercise at your own rate. Make sure not to overdo it or make yourself ill.

Front Kicking

To do front kicking in kickboxing workout you will want to stand with your feet apart. With your knees bent just a little, you need to move your right knee up to your chest. [cardio kickboxing]

Swivel your knee towards an imaginary target. Kick out your foot as if hitting the target. After front kicking workout with your right leg do the same movements with the left leg.

Side Kicking

You will need to turn so that your right side is facing an imaginary target. Take your right knee and bring it up almost to your left shoulder. Kick towards your imaginary target.

The outside of your foot should be what would hit the imaginary target. After you finish with the right leg, do the same exercise with the left.

Roundhouse Kicking

Squat with your knees slightly bent, and your feet apart. Let your right side face where an imaginary target would be. Pull your right knee up and swivel toward the imaginary target.

Take your right leg and kick out as if you were trying to hit the imaginary target. Once you have done the roundhouse kick with your right leg, try it with your left leg.

Advantages of Kickboxing

Kickboxing exercises will make your heart pump faster, and bring more oxygen flow to your body. It will also help you to lose weight. You can burn up to 450 calories per hour when doing aerobic kickboxing.

It can reduce stress in your life while helping you to increase your endurance and your body’s flexibility.

Aerobic kickboxing can teach you discipline that will help you in your everyday life. This type of exercise works your entire body and leaves you in a better frame of mind. The confidence you will feel after doing kickboxing workout will last you a long time.