Leg Exercises to Keep Your Legs Well Conditioned and In Best Shape!

Legs are important part of your body as they carry you around everyday with fewer complaints.

Therefore it is important to keep your legs in best shape with leg exercise so that they can take you around and up on stairs.

If you are suffering from illness and confined to bed, leg health is also important.

Legs are made up of six major muscles and muscle groups.

There are group of muscles known as quadriceps located in the front of the thigh.

Another group of muscles called hamstrings are opposite the quadriceps. The inside thigh is the location of the adductors.Leg Exercises

The lower consists of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in the back and the tibialis anterior muscle in the front. Connecting the leg and hipbone to the spine are the hip flexors and the illiopsoas. All these muscles work together in order to be able to walk, point your foot up and straighten your knee.

The legs will become firm and well defined when the muscles are strong and well conditioned. Good muscle tone prevents varicose and spider veins in the legs. Maintaining strong and healthy legs with leg exercise is a wonderful decision and many muscles in the legs are fastest to respond to conditioning.

Aerobic exercise is good for toning but concentrated work is best to shape the individual muscles. For maximum results for legs, you have to plan leg exercise workout at least three times weekly. Four to five times a week gives faster results.

Lunge is the best leg exercise for conditioning all leg movements. It targets most of the major muscles within the leg and shapes them fast. Lunging requires both lower leg muscles to help stabilize you and upper leg muscles to raise your body back up. Performing the same movement conditions the muscles to take the strongest form possible.

When doing this leg exercise, don’t try to force your body through pain, instead try to modify the movement. Instead of dropping the body all the way down, go only half way or as far as you feel comfortable.

Squats are another leg exercise for firming and toning the buttocks and upper thighs. This leg exercise demands lot of work from the muscles in your buttocks and legs both going down and coming up.

Lateral raises are the leg exercise for inner[Inner thigh exercises] and outer thighs. Start with your weight on left foot and your right foot pointed slightly behind you. For balance, hold on to a chair or wall and slowly raise and lower your right leg out to the side. Do at least 20 repetitions for three sets several times per week to tone back of the thigh and hips.

To condition the inner thigh muscles, stand with your weight on your left foot, raise and point your right foot in front of you and slowly move your right foot and leg across your left leg.

With effort, you can have strong and healthy legs and your legs respond quickly without putting in weeks of work with leg exercise. Incorporate squats and lunges into your daily routine and you will be surprised how fast your legs shape up.