Effective Low Impact Exercises

There is no doubt that intense workouts are the most effective ones to burn calories and to improve aerobic capacity but they don’t have high impact. Jarring exercises may irritate your ankles, hips, back, and knees; they even give future injuries. If you want to avoid these then opt for low impact exercises that can also burn fat and provide the benefits of high-intensity workouts.

The good news is that with these exercises the risk of injury doesn’t really increase with the intensity of exercises and so you can push yourself a little more without any risk.

Effective Low Impact Exercises

1. Cycling

Whether you do cycling indoors or outdoors, this is considered as one of the best low-impact exercises. However, cycling outdoors is more effective and fun than indoors. Now, how to do it? If you want the results of high intensity and short on time then you can choose intervals accordingly.  Try pedaling fast for 40 seconds and then start pedaling slowly for 20 seconds; then again start pedaling fast for another 40 minutes followed by slow pedaling for 20 seconds. This works best if you want to get the best results; however, you can choose the time according to your convenience.

2. Swimming

We all know that swimming isn’t easy and is, in fact, a very good exercise. This makes you use all your body muscles real hard while reducing the impact on the joints. This is the best exercise to improve aerobic capacity and to build muscle. Try different strokes and challenge yourself from time to time by increasing the intensity.

3. Yoga

We all know the benefits of yoga. Everyone from kids to senior citizens prefer doing it as there are poses for everyone. It is amazingly effective and gives low impact effects. Though it doesn’t burn calories and fat, it can help you stay lean and thin. When it comes to flexibility, strength and overall fitness, yoga can be the answer. Challenge yourself with difficult poses and by increasing the depth of the poses.

4. Rowing

You might be using a machine mostly because you don’t get to row in a boat always. However this a powerful exercise that can work on your arms, legs, back and core muscles. You may get tired easily at first; so, push with your legs and allow your arms and back to follow but not the other way around. This way you will stay safe and will get most of it burning more calories.

5. Zumba

It is one of the most popular dance forms which was first seen in America in early 2000’s. At gyms and fitness centers Zumba classes are being conducted more now. This incorporates different kinds of dance like hip-hop, low impact dance, salsa, tango, reggae, merengue, flamenco, etc. This is a kind of exercise and is usually done in groups of friends or family so that everyone can have some fun together and motivate each other.

6. Stair Climbing

This may sound different than the previous ones because the previous 5 types of exercises are specifically known by a name and have their own benefits but this is an activity we do every day but it becomes an exercise when done repeatedly on a purpose. Stair climbing gives the same benefits as lunges and squats. It strengthens the same set of muscles. Choose the set of stairs for this workout and make sure it takes about 30 seconds to reach upstairs and start climbing. You can go slow or fast which is up to your choice based on your capacity. Then slowly come down and climb again. Do this for 6 to 8 reps.

7. Rollerblading

We know that mostly kids do this and we can hardly find any elder doing this but it’s a great low impact exercise that can pump your blood up and strengthen your heart. This can also give you strong legs that you will love. Unlike cardio, this doesn’t put much stress on the joints due to gliding movements. You just need to push yourself hard while doing this and just 30 minutes of rollerblading can burn around 400 calories.

8. Water Aerobics

Water aerobics can give you the results of swimming the same way as it is low impact exercise and suit any fitness level. Here your entire body gets to work and this increases aerobic capacity just like swimming. It doesn’t put pressure on the joins and prevents back problems. It will keep you active and fit improving blood circulation. Not just that but water aerobics can ease pain and supply nutrients to the achy backs. So this will prevent back problems in future.

All these low impact exercises have not just benefits but are also fun to do. You can enjoy the same while getting the benefits out of them.