Lower Back Exercises: The Best Solution To Ease Back Pain

Most people who are experiencing back pain normally address the condition by stopping any form of strenuous activity and staying in bed.

Others would settle for massaging their back or rubbing liniments to ease the pain. What they don’t know is that lower back exercises are the most effective means to relieve back pain.

If you are the type of person who is often being tortured by back pain, you should understand that lower back exercises are very helpful to end your suffering.

These exercises specifically distribute nutrients into the soft tissues and disc space in the back to maintain the good condition of muscles, ligaments, discs and joints. That is why when lower back exercises are performed regularly, you will be able to lessen the occurrences of lower back pain. In addition, you can avoid experiencing weakness and stiffness on your lower back.

Studies proved that performing lower back exercises can effectively ease back pain and rehabilitate the spine at the same time. Here are the top three lower back exercises you can try.

Dynamic lumbar stabilization exercises

The dynamic lumbar stabilization exercises consist of raising the arms and legs, exercising using the stability ball, and cardio or aerobic exercises. These exercises can strengthen back muscles and improve balance. They also develop your stamina and strength.

McKenzie method

On the other hand, the McKenzie method consists of lower back exercises that help centralize the pain from the spine. It is believed that the McKenzie method is effective in reducing back pain quickly and preventing it from recurring. It is also an effective method used by physical therapist in rehabilitating patients suffering from back injuries.


Stretching is one of the most common lower back exercises. It improves flexibility of muscles which are too tight due to lack of exercise and bad posture. Stretching[stretching exercise] can reduce lower back pain and improve your body’s coordination.

Precautions in doing lower back exercises

Just because lower back exercises are highly recommended doesn’t mean you have to start doing them right away. Remember that the spine is a sensitive part of the body.

One wrong move and you can cause yourself pain and serious injury. The best thing you have to do is ask an expert which lower back exercises are ideal for you.

Generally, the exercises that should be practiced by a person will be based on the level of pain that he is experiencing and on his diagnosis. That is why you cannot just choose the kind of lower back exercises that you will perform according to your liking.