Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises at Home

Lower back pain is a common among adults and is mostly caused due to injury, muscle strain and overuse. Sooner or later, almost everybody experiences lower back pain either acute or chronic. There are many ways to treat lower back ache. Medical treatment may prove to be effective but the better way to overcome the pain is to follow a few lower back pain relief exercises at home. You can refer to the following given workout methods at home itself:

Normal Physical Activities


Walking around the house or in a park may be a good way to start the relief work for the low back pain that you have been experiencing. You can start doing an exercise program at home which can include normal stretching exercises which do not focus on area around the low back.

Aerobic Exercises


Aerobic exercises are great for those who are suffering from acute or chronic lower back discomfort or pain. You can either do walking, cycling, swimming or jogging to relieve the strain in the back area. Swimming especially is a great way to overcome the back ache because water supports the body and provides relief. Avoid doing those strokes which may twist the body with a jerk.

Partial Crunches


Partial crunches are very effective in strengthening your back and also the stomach muscles. You can lie on a mat with feet flat and the knees bent and then cross your arms up above your chest or either on the back of your neck. Now try to tighten the stomach muscles and then try raising your shoulders from the floor. Breathe out while doing this and hold this position for 2 seconds. Repeat this exercise about 8-12 times.

Wall Sits


This is another exercise which will help those who are experiencing low back pain. In this particular exercise, you need to stand about 12 inches from the wall and then lean back till the point when your back is flat against the wall. Now slide down in a slow motion till your knees become a little bent. At this position your lower back should be pressed into the wall. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then slide back up the wall to the original position. This exercise can be repeated 10-12 times to relieve the lower back strain or discomfort.

All these exercises should be done only till the point of comfort and should not be overdone.