Making Exercise A Part Of Your Daily Life

Physical exercise is often just a habit that it is very easy to get out of, but with a little effort it is easy to make changes and incorporate it into your life style.

There are three key areas that any new fitness regime should cover, these are flexibility, strength and cardiovascular.

The latter being, the mechanism to make the heart pump more therefore incorporating more oxygen into your blood stream.

This involves at least 20 minutes of regular walking, cycling or running which can also be part of a sport, for example tennis or any other racquet sports. If you take a car to work consider riding a bike instead or if you hop on a bus, for just a couple of stops, then why not walk instead.exercise routine

It might seem hard, at first, to fit exercise into your already busy daily routine but it is possible. Perhaps during your lunch break you could join a colleague for a good brisk walk or maybe start a dance class for yourself and other like minded friends. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, just be creative and you will fit something in.

As you start to get fitter you will automatically want to do more, from a weekly walk in the park you will be more inclined to take up dancing or maybe dust down your bicycle.

Exercise is a great anti stress measure which you will soon appreciate and you will feel like a whole new person.

Move on to include strength training with bar bells and stretching which will add flexibility to your workout.