Matching Your Exercise To Your Personality

If you want to start or continue an effective fitness or exercise program, you need to take your personality into consideration.

For example, are you a morning person? Then you will probably be happy to get up early and exercise before breakfast.

If you are a night owl, however, planning that kind of exercise program will only frustrate you, and before you know it, you will be throwing in the towel.

You will be happier exercising in the evening. Just make sure you exercise several hours before bed so that you aren’t too energized to sleep.matching exercise

Are you a very energetic person? Then you will love a high energy class, like an aerobics class, with upbeat music and a cheerful, encouraging instructor. If you are a more laid back person, you might prefer yoga exercises, or a Pilates class where things are quieter and you aren’t expected to jump around.

Do you like groups? You can find a class for mostly any kind of exercise. For some people having an exercise partner or the energy of being in a group is very motivating. For others, privacy and focus are more important.

If you are the latter type of person, consider a one-on-one session with a personal trainer, or using a DVD to work out at home. You might also prefer solo activities, like walking or running, where you can listen to music and be in your own world.

If you spend a little time thinking about the kinds of activities and surroundings that make you happy, you can build your fitness program around that environment. This will make you more likely to stick to an exercise program.