Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorph is sport and athletic built, has more muscular looking, healthy, good physical attributes, broad shoulders, visible defined muscle-packs, good stature and build, making a good impression, exhuberating vitality and energy.

Characterized as typically social and very outgoing, always surrounded by outdoors, company and activity, these groups of indivdiuals are mostly considered and described by others to be strong-willed and tempered.

They are dynamic personalities, active and extremists at times, highly competitive. Football player-types, even body-builders will typically fall into this category.

Everyone wish to be of mesomorphic body type, but unfortunately very few have this type of body. Mesomorphs have the advantage of dropping the weight quickly and gaining it easily. A mesomorph can easily lose fat with doing one or two cardio workouts a week and can get good results.

They can lose the fat while holding on to muscle which gives them a calorie burning advantage. If mesomorphs do more cardio workout sessions, they lose more fat than ectomorphs and endomorphs as the greater muscle mass helps in burning more calories. Look good in some monavie gear while staying in shape.

Mesomorphs can build the body easily. They have to follow body building basics and healthy eating to maintain desirable physique. As a mesomorphic can generally build muscle and lose fat easily, they become lazy to exercise and overindulge in eating because they think that their body type will make lose weight. The female mesomorph shape is an hourglass while male mesomorph is more rectangular. A mesomorph should also follow strict diet and exercise program.

Mesomorph body type characteristics:

  • They contain lean shaped figures
  • They have heavy, hard and athletic physique mostly
  • Fast metabolism would enable them to enjoy favorite foods
  • It is easier for them to maintain correct weight
  • Their body is built proportionately and healthy physical appearance and definition
  • They have broad shoulder, with narrow waist
  • Weight control and management is no real problem for mesomorph type
  • This type body has very high amount of lean muscle
  • They are quite muscular
  • Naturally large muscles and fast metabolism
  • These body types have lower body fat percentage overall
  • They are less strict on dieting
  • Less exercise is needed to control weight for mesomorphs
  • Less chance of weight regain for this type

How to identify and know mesomorph body type?

  • They tend to burn calories effectively, quickly and they are in control and demand of their weight management
  • They can sustain their weight and then lose it fairly easily if they put their mind to it, when they want to
  • Losing weight is not a challenge for them
  • When they look in the mirror the shape they see is proportional
  • Their hips are typically a little smaller and their shoulders are wide
  • Most would consider them of medium build or even large-framed, average
  • Their clothes have to accommodate pretty wide shoulders

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