Top 7 Metabolism Boosting Exercise Tips

Metabolism is a process in which your body turns food into energy. It keeps working and keep you going, some people have a faster metabolism than others. Metabolism also depends on genes, age and sex, sometimes sluggish thyroid can also decrease your metabolism. If you find your metabolism is decreased or it is not normal, speed it up with food and focus on below metabolism boosting exercises.
Top 7 Metabolism Boosting Exercise Tips

Tip #1 Walk daily

walking is an activity that can fit into almost any lifestyle and by walking daily you can burn some extra calories and give your metabolism a notable boost. There are plenty of ways you can fit some walking into your day such as going for a quick stroll on your lunch break, taking the strains instead of the elevator or walking instead of driving.

Tip # 2 Try interval sprints

once you get into the habit of walking daily, adding in some interval sprints can boost your metabolism up even more. To perform the, simply break up your walk with few 30 minutes, full speed sprints. These short, high energy bursts burn through a relatively large amount of calories and can give your metabolism a significant kick.

Tip # 3 Lift weights

Your body uses three times more calories to maintain muscle cells than fat cells, so try lifting some weights and packing on some muscle, you can increase your metabolic rate. Even if muscle building is not one of your main fitness goals, a couple of weightlifting sessions each week can make a huge difference when it comes to overall calories burned.

Tip # 4 Do some body weight exercise

Body weight exercises are a great way to burn some calories and give your muscles a workout when you have a few minutes to spare. Since they require no equipment, you can do them anytime and anywhere because of their high intensity, they are an excellent metabolism booster.

Tip # 5 Consider getting a cardio machine

If you have a selection of favourite TV shows that you watch every week, a cardio machine is a brilliant investment that can fire up your metabolism. Simply place the cardio machine in a position that allows you to view the TV, then when your TV show starts, get gliding, pedalling running or stepping and burn some additional calories as you enjoy the on-screen action.

 Tip # 6 Focus on fun

If you want to maximise the number of calories you burn on a daily basis, you need to be choosing activities that you find fun. If you choose activities that people tell you to do, rather than activities you enjoy, then you are much less likely to stick with them. However, if you focus on the activities you enjoy, you are much more likely to stick with them and as a result, your metabolism will increase.

Tip # 7 Create a high-powered workout playlist

Music is a powerful tool that can make a huge difference when it comes to the calories you burn during your workout. The right tracks at the right time can give you the motivation to keep going when you would normally give up, help you smash through plateaus and have a positive effect on your metabolism. So, go grab your iPod, create a playlist full of all your favourite tunes and maximise your metabolism as you workout.
As with many things in life, consistency is key when it comes to keeping your metabolism always up. Walking lifting weights doing body weight exercises and all the other tips which are listed above are excellent ways to increase the number of calories you burn. However, if you don’t do them regularly their overall effect on your metabolism will be minimal.