Have Some Fun with Mini Trampoline Exercises

Is there really anything more fun than a mini trampoline? Obviously a full sized trampoline wouldn’t be counted in this discussion, but there are really not many more fun ways to exercise than with mini trampoline exercises.

Many kinds of people love these trampolines just to hop around on for fun while they watch television or do some other kind of stationary activity, so why not try to work this device into your own daily workout routine?

Mini Trampoline ExercisesAnyone can get a very solid workout from their mini trampoline, and there are a variety of different workouts you can do with this kind of equipment.

While some people just have one of these trampolines laying around the house for fun, other people tend to use them strictly for working out and getting into shape.

The real question is why people aren’t using these trampolines for both working out and enjoyment.

You should always stretch your body out before any workout, but after that, it’s nothing but jumping around and having some fun for the rest of the workout. Take a look at some of these workouts you can do on your mini trampoline, and see if these are something that will help you get off the couch and start exercising on a regular basis.

Mini trampoline exercises – the bounce

The original and most basic of mini trampoline workouts is the bounce. This is where you just bounce up and down on your trampoline for a few minutes to get the blood flowing through your body. This is actually a good warm up to use if you want to try a more intense workout, but it can also be used before trying out some more advanced tactics on your mini trampoline.

This is a great exercising to do while you’re watching television instead of just sitting on the couch and eating a snack.

You can actually get a nice workout while you are watching your favorite show, and maybe you can even fit in some pushups and sit ups during the commercials. You could actually be getting in an entire workout in the time you usually spend just sitting on the couch doing nothing.

This is also a great way to start off the day after you get out of bed to loosen up your body and get ready for what’s ahead in your day.

More advanced trampoline exercises

Once you have mastered the art of bouncing on the trampoline, you can then move on to more advanced mini trampoline exercises. The first exercise you should tryout after mastering the bounce is called the hop. This is basically the same as the bounce, only you are actually trying to get some air underneath you while you are bouncing.

Try hopping up to get higher up in the air, and you will notice that this actually gives a nice workouts to your legs, especially your calves.

The jump is the final exercise you can do with your mini trampoline, and it involves your ability to jump as high as you possibly can. You should continue getting up in the air as high as possible, as this is supposed to be the most intense of all the mini trampoline exercises. To make sure you get a full workout, you should really keep going until your body just tells you to stop.