Parkour Moves or the Free Style Revolution of Working Out

The parkour moves seem to have revolutionized the way workout has been seen until now. Some say that it is a way of freestyle running, but there are many different moves that make this type of freestyle running a lot more fun and more effective when it comes to getting in shape.

The palm spin

This is one of the parkour exercises that you might like. For this you should find a retaining or railing wall that’s of about waist height. Get closer to the obstacle with some large but controlled steps. When you get there, reach out for it with both of your hands.

Parkour MovesRotate the left hand so that it will point outwards and put your right hand besides it in a normal position. For this parkour routine jump up, tuck your legs and turn to the left around your hands.

Push yourself away from the obstacle with your right hand and let yourself be rotated by the rotational momentum to the left.

The wall spin

To perform these parkour moves you will need a solid vertical surface to be able to spin on, such as a wall. It could be made of brick or concrete, but the vinyl siding on houses also works out just fine for this purpose.

You should approach the wall as you did in case of the previous parkour exercise.

Then just punch the ground with both of your feet as you reach for the wall with your hands. As with the palm spin, your left hand should be turned outwards pointing towards the ground. Again tuck your legs and spin around the left arm.

In order to finish the spin you will have to lift your right hand from the wall. When you land, you should land on the balls of your feet to make sure that you won’t get injured because of the parkour moves.

The front flip

In case of this parkour exercise you have to be looking for a short set of stairs or a short wall. Go to the top of the stairs and then take some powerful steps towards the edge. Put your arms around your shoulders and push yourself from the ground with a two-footed stomp.

You should leave some time for your body to rise before you start the rotation of the flip. Put your arms down and tuck your legs under your body. This will give you enough momentum to be able to perform the flip. Again, just as in case of the other moves of parkour, you should land on the ball of your feet and to minimize the impact, you should also execute a roll.

Although all this seems to be easy, when starting with parkour exercises you should be really careful and you should find someone to train with. Another thing to keep in mind is no to go too far if you know that you aren’t ready yet, just to show off. The parkour moves aren’t about putting on a show, but about training.