Pole Dancing – Who Are the Celebs Keeping Fit This Way

In the world of fitness there is always something new that is gaining popularity faster than the thing before, and it looks like in this period, pole dancing is in the spotlight. People truly observed it when even the soccer moms started talking about it, and we could have seen Miley Cyrus perform it on stage.

Pole Dancing

Amy Adams

She is one of the celebrities who are known to be fans of the activity. According to her this is an amazing way to get back in shape after giving birth. She also claims that it is a good alternative to get rid of the treadmill.

Kendra Wilkinson

You might think that she has taken pole dancing a little too far. Still it looks like she loves the activity so much that she has her own line of poles. Also she thinks her son will like the activity too, because there is nothing better than to see your mother happy and sexy.

Kate Hudson

According to the rumors she enjoys pole dancing so much that she has a pole even in her bathroom. One of her friends said she was so happy when she got it installed that she has been laughing like a child. Nonetheless people state that she is pretty good at this kind of activity.

Heather Graham

She is known to be practicing yoga and Pilates, but lately she also tried pole dancing because a friend of hers has been holding classes.

Cindy Crawford

According to her, the credits for keeping her marriage safe are taken to pole dancing. She says that there is nothing better than getting back the feeling of sexiness and sensuality after giving birth to children. She said that in the class she is attending there is so dark that the women don’t recognize each other, and this is why they are making different moves.

Teri Hatcher

She is considered to be already a pro. She claims that the thing she likes most about pole dancing is that it gives her a lot of confidence, although it takes some strength to be able to do the advanced movements. She showed her talent even on the Oprah Show.


She seems to be so advanced with poles dancing that she has been giving lessons to Britney Spears. She also has a stripping pole in her home and this is what the two girls used for practice.