Pole Dancing for Men – Extreme or Just Experimenting?

Pole dancing has been a popular form of exercise among women for sometime now. The women vouch for its fitness benefits and this sport is now slowly becoming popular with men too.

It might be surprising to see a man trying to master the art of pole dancing, but the trend is gaining popularity with more and more men.

Many women tend to think that the men are there to ogle at the women working out, but it is not so. Men are equally serious about learning the art and using it to maintain their body fitness.

Men Pole DancePole dancing as an exercise form requires tremendous energy, muscle power, agility, flexibility…and yes…grace to look beautiful.

Women master the art to perfection, but may need some time to be able to catch on to the various tricks as a lot of muscle power is required.

Men generally find it easy to start, but have to dig deep down to be as graceful as women are.

It may not be easy for a man to register for pole dancing classes, as no doubt he will be looked at with surprise not just by the other students but also by others who know him.

But men who have tried pole dancing have not only enjoyed it as a dance form but also benefited from it as an exercise routine.

It has also been observed that women are generally supportive of their fellow students and offer a lot of encouragement; on the other hand men will take it up as a personal challenge and strive to excel in it without expecting much support from fellow students whether male or female.

Men find the exercise form very challenging as it requires a high degree of flexibility and strength to be able to hang from a pole in various directions and with a limb or two entwined with it.

For them the routine is more than a dance form. They consider it an exercise that requires plenty of endurance.