Post Partum Workout and the Jessica Alba Secret

Although it looks like the celebrities are losing weight like magic after giving birth, you should know that they hire nannies, nutritionists and private trainers to get them back in red carpet shape in the smallest time period possible.

Before starting with exercise remember that the celebrities are paid big money to look the way that they do, and for regular mommies it might be a bit much to have 2-3 hour training sessions on a daily basis.

Post Partum Workout and the Jessica Alba Secret

Before you start anything, you should check with your doctor to make sure that you are ready for physical work. This usually happens 6 weeks after giving birth.

Also you shouldn’t start any major diet and keep your calorie intake between 1,500-1,800 calories per day.

Professionals say that in order to make the best of exercising, you should also have a

healthy diet that goes with it.

Jessica Alba

It looks like all the stars have a different secret. She has been posting on Twitter after she gave birth to her second child, and according to these posts she has been getting back in shape two weeks after giving birth.

According to her at the beginning she has been doing some cardio, of about 40 minutes. Since there are some other women looking for the same results, she gave some tips. She said that you should start with walking and have three sets of lunging, 20 lunges per set for each leg. This is something that you could do while you are strolling the little one.

For the first week you should add 10 minutes of workout and in the following week add another 10 minutes. You should end up having 240 minutes of workout each day.

Regarding her nutrition she mentioned that she is eating healthy food 6 days per week and she has a day when she is allowed to indulge. She also said that she wears a girdle around her tummy, until she gets back in shape, that should last for about one or two months.

High protein and low carbohydrate

This is the kind of regimen that Jennifer Garner, Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Hudson and Catherine Zeta-Jones had. This means that they were having food that is low in carbohydrates and high in proteins. According to Jennifer Garner it takes a lot of motivation to be able to give up all the good stuff and return to the salad. Do you have what it takes?