Practical And Fun Flexibility Exercises

If you envy the flexible bodies of gymnasts and ballet dancers, you should try doing flexibility exercises.

Flexibility starts with having flexible muscles which allow your joints to move effortlessly regardless of any movement.

In order to avoid muscle tension and injuries, you should perform exercises for flexibility.  Not only would they help improve your fitness but flexibility exercises are also proven to be beneficial for daily activities.

Exercises for flexibility do not function similarly with aerobics exercises. They are designed to stretch your increments that will enable you to easily reach and extend your muscles.flexibility exercises

They are also important in helping you maintain balance and agility. Doing regular flexibility exercises will definitely make it easier for you to do other more complicated and rigorous exercises.

Flexibility exercises

1. Stretching

There are many flexibility exercises out there but none is more popular than flexible stretches. It is oftentimes overlooked by others but stretching serves as a warm up before you engage your body in more serious exercises.

Moreover, stretching exercises must be done after a workout too. Never bounce when you perform static stretches. Simply hold a comfortable position and stretch. You will feel a gentle pull on your muscles.

Hold the position for about 15 to 30 seconds. Further, you can do simple stretches especially at work by moving your shoulders, legs, and neck to ease muscle tension.

2. Pelvic Presses

Flexibility exercises usually target areas of concentration just like the pelvic. Perform this exercise by lying on your back on a flat surface.

Raise your knees up while keeping both of your feet on the ground. Push your back to the floor. Maintain the same position for a few seconds.

Intensify these flexibility exercises by using variations. Accompany it with feet movement and pushing your back while your feet are slightly apart from each other.

3. Dog stretch

Get down on the floor like a standing dog. Raise your head, lower your arms, then arch your back and hold the position for a couple of seconds. This simple stretching exercise will have tension brewing on your lower back as well as your neck.

4. Toe touch

Stand up with your feet slightly apart. Stretch both of your arms up. Then, carefully reach down for your toes. For effective results, avoid bending your knees while reaching for your toes.

Toe touch might appear simple but it would be hard especially if you haven’t had any stretching activities in a while. Do not rush or push yourself too hard into this exercise. Unlike with other flexibility exercises, it may take you weeks to eventually reach your toes.

5. Knee to chest exercises

Lie on your back and pull one of your thighs towards you. Clasp your hands on this thigh. Then, slowly pull it up to your chest.

Make sure that the other leg stays flat on the floor and hold this position for at least 10 seconds. Repeat the procedure on your other leg. For best results, do ten repetitions for each leg.

6. Yoga

Flexibility exercises need not only focus on releasing muscle tension but should also offer other benefits.

Yoga is an exercise that improves flexibility, endurance, and balance. It is a training of the mind and body. In addition, yoga is an effective means of relaxing and relieving the body from stress.

Exercises for flexibility are sometimes mistaken as mere stretching exercises. However, you should bear in mind that these kinds of exercises can greatly prepare you for more strenuous activities.

Like oil to common machines, flexibility exercises function to aid the muscles in different activities. Doing these exercises regularly will provide you with a lot of rewarding benefits.