Resistance Band Exercises for Abs

The resistance bands can be used for a wide variety of exercises so it is no wonder that there are so many people looking for resistance band exercises for abs.

Before you start working out, you should see a doctor and make sure that your workout plan is suitable for your fitness level.


Seated Crunch

To get the exercise started, you should sit down, put the legs hip width apart and wrap the band under the chair you’re sitting on. Grip the ends of the band and pull it until it is secured around you. Most probably you will have to make adjustments until the band has a comfortable and secure position around you.

Once there is enough tension in the band to assist you with the abs’ resistance band workout, you should contract the ab muscles and bend forward. Hold position for a few seconds and then return to the starting position.

Abdominal Twists

When it comes to the resistance band exercises for abs you should start with securing the band to your left side. Walk away towards your right until there is tension in the band. Have your legs slightly bent and place your feet shoulder width apart.


For this resistance band ab exercise to work you will have to grab the end of the band with both hands and twist your body to the right.

In order to make sure that the exercise is effective, make sure that you don’t use your hips. After this, return to the starting position.

One Arm

The third resistance band exercises for abs requires you to stand with your knees bent. Raise the band about a foot above your head and have your hands about 18 inches apart. Keep the left arm straight and bring the right one down to your side until the elbow is bent.

Contract the ab muscles for the abdominal muscle exercise with resistance bands and bring your right hand to chest level. Hold position for a couple of seconds and then return to your starting position. Make sure that you don’t perform the exercise too fast, because it may lose its effectiveness.

Keep in mind regarding the resistance band exercises for abs that you can do just anything you want with such bands. You may come up with your own exercises because the possibilities are endless and you can train all your muscles.