Resistance Bands For Resistance Training And Muscle Toning!

You can perform several exercises with resistance bands to attain fitness for your body. Some workouts with this band are explained as follows:

Squats exercises with resistance bands

  • Take the resistance band and keep your both feet on the band with shoulder width apart.
  • Now hold the band at shoulder level with both of your hands and perform the full squat by holding the band at shoulder height.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat this process.

Bent over rows with resistance bandsResistant Band

  • In the starting position, place the band below or under one foot and other foot should be one step back.
  • By keeping your back flat, bend over at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Now pull the resistance band upwards by keeping your two elbows close together.
  • Squeeze your two shoulder blades at a time while performing this exercise.
  • After sufficient pullouts repeat the same process by keeping the band under other foot.

Alternate lying chest press exercises with resistance bands

  • Lye flat on your back by placing the resistance band under your back.
  • Hold the two ends of the band with your two hands.
  • Now start pressing one arm up towards the ceiling and return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the same process with other arm.
  • Don’t press the same arm for more number of times. Perform the pressings with your two arms alternatively. [Other Chest Workouts]

Diagonal wood chops with resistance bands

  • In the starting position, you should loop the resistance band under the left foot and grasp the other end of the band.
  • Keep your both hands together and extend your arms down towards the left foot.
  • In a wood chopping motion bring the band up and away.
  • While performing this exercise your feet should be stationary at the time of rotating.
  • Repeat this process for required number of times. Perform the same number of repetitions by keeping the band under your right foot and by rotating to the opposite side.

Triceps extension using resistance band

  • In the starting position, hold the band in one hand and place the other hand on your back.
  • Now grab the other end of the band with the other arm that is placed over your head.
  • Extend the peak elbow until your arm is completely extended.
  • Make the required number of repetitions with it and repeat the same process with other hand. [Other Tricep Exercises]

Lateral rows exercises with resistance bands

  • Keep your feet on the resistance band by maintaining your feet hip width apart and with your knees slightly bent.
  • Grasp the two ends of the band with your palms facing each other. Your arms should hang down to the sides with your elbows slightly bent.
  • Now raise the band at shoulder height to the side of the body by bending your elbows slightly.
  • Return to the normal position and repeat the process.

These are the various exercises with resistance bands one can practice for attaining fitness.