Sculpting Your Thighs on a Budget

Are you unhappy with your thighs? Many women are and most of them believe that in order to have beautiful legs they need to pay a lot of cash on heavy fitness gear or expensive gym subscriptions.

The difference between you and the rest is that you can decide to do something about that. With a little effort and a lot of will power the problem can be speedily fixed even if on a budget.

Thigh ExercisesThe first thing is to get rid of the fat and tone the muscles.

The first step is to reduce the calorie intake, stay away from carbonated drinks and try a body cleanse diet.

The aerobic exercises are very important for the task so it is better to start light and consistently upgrade to cardio thigh workout.

First step is 30 minutes of brisk walking daily during a week. Make sure you stretch properly before and after the exercise. This period will help you adjust to the physical effort.

The “warming” up being done from the second week you can move on to sculpting your thighs.

Lie down on one side and lift a leg in the air moving it back and forth, scissors’ style. Switch on the opposite side and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Another exercise to be done in the same position alternating from side to side is lifting the leg and lowering it ten times. Make sure you do the exercise slowly so the muscles would be forced to work.

After a few days you can upgrade to sitting on a chair with your back straight and move your legs up and down. The effort will melt the cellulite and help you line the thigh muscles.

The next step is to lie on the floor with your palms under your thighs. Lift the legs and pedal fast in the air.

You can use weights if you have some or better yet if you own a bike this exercise can be done on it. The speed is the key factor here and you will see the results immediately.

Keep in mind that the fitness is not always about heavy equipment and expensive gym subscriptions. You can have beautiful thighs on a tight budget. It’s really up to you.