Seven-Minute Workout Routine To Stay Fit And In Shape

Do you really want to get into shape? The greater the stress in one’s life, the greater the need for regular exercise.

Even if you have a busy daily schedule, you should allot at least seven minutes of your day to do exercises to stay healthy and fit.

7-minute exercise routine


Exercise your biceps with legs apart and keep your shoulders and arms hanging at your sides.

Next raise your hands and keep them in the position usually taken to exercise biceps. Ensure that your arms and elbow make a 110-degree angle.

Tighten your arms with your stomach sucked in and hold them in this position for 25 seconds. Take a deep breath and repeat the same for another few seconds. You can use this practice for triceps as well.

For lower body:

Find a chair in good condition and place your hands on top. Now position your body by keeping your toes up; your feet should be shoulder width apart. By not bending your waist, slightly tilt your body forward so that your entire body slants a bit forward.

After positioning your body, push your pelvis forward by staying up on your toes and squeeze your butt and other lower body organs. Hold in this position for 25 seconds and then take a deep breath. Practice this for another 50 to 75 seconds.

These are only a few exercises for your seven-minute workout routine. Learn more about it from your physical fitness trainer and practice it under his/her guidance in the beginning and then continue working on it for effective results.