Everything you Need to Know about Shadow Boxing Workout

As the name suggests, shadow boxing is a kind of a boxing practice in which you hit or punch not a punching bag but the air. Yes, this is one form of workout which doesn’t require you to have any kind of supporting equipment but is one in which you practice boxing in front of your own shadow against a wall.

If you are someone who is interested in having a full body workout and an intense session of boxing, then shadowboxing could prove great for you. To know more about shadow boxing, you can read the following given information.

know about shadow boxing workout

Purpose of Shadow Boxing

To Improve Footwork

One of the main purposes of shadow boxing is improving footwork. You must always shadow box while moving your feet as this helps to make you comfortable in moving and get enough practice of sidestepping, positional rotations and moving in and out.

As a Warm Up

Many people perform shadow boxing just as a warm up because this workout helps you to loosen your muscles and joints and get ready for an even more strenuous activity. It also helps prepare your brain and nervous system.

To Stabilize Muscles and Develop Coordination

Another purpose of shadow boxing is that it helps to develop your coordination and stabilize your muscles. When you practice in front of your shadow, you can try out both attack and defense and this gives you an increased level of coordination and focus.

To Improve Cardio

Shadow boxing is a form of workout which can act as a practice of actual boxing and will help you to improve your stamina and cardio. The more intense shadow boxing sessions you are involved in, the more will your body adapt. This kind of a conditioning of your system will also help you to develop better utilization of oxygen.

How to Shadow Box Properly

In order to shadow box properly, you need to keep certain things in mind and some of them have been mentioned as follows:

Set a Goal

You cannot just start boxing mid-air without a goal in mind. You need to have a purpose, a strategy and a goal when you involve yourself in each session of this workout. If you don’t have a goal, you will get tired faster and will lose interest.

Give Proper Execution

Just setting a goal and doing shadowboxing for 5 minutes won’t help. You need to execute it properly and seriously. Shadowboxing can be treated as your default rest workout which you can do while watching TV and even when waiting in line for the bag at the gym

Get Feedback

It is always better to do shadow boxing when you have a trainer around as this can help you get feedback and improve your workout. Always find ways to critique yourself so that you can do better. For this you can also use a mirror.

Be Alert

It is important to be very alert and focus clearly when you do shadow boxing as only through this method will you be able to make the most of it.