Shaun T and the Hip Hop Ab Routine Wonder

Shaun T has become famous due to his hour long Insanity DVD. Now he returns with a new set of exercises that is meant to get rid of the excess fat in no time. There is no need for any tools for the exercises, so there are no excuses left for you not to try the routine.

Hammer kick

Start with your feet together and lunge back with your left leg while keeping the leg straight and the right leg bent. Hinge forward and extend the arms. While maintaining the bend in the knee, swing the other leg forward and lower your arms. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side as well.

Shaun T and the Hip Hop Ab Routine Wonder

Hop, hop, squat

Start with the feet hip width apart and with the arms at the sides. Hop three times to your right and lower yourself into a deep squat while raising your arms to shoulder height. Lower the arms back to the sides and hop back into the starting position.

Cross over

Sit on the floor with the kneed bent. Lean back into 45 degree and extend the legs in the front, a few inches above the floor. Bend the right knee, cross your right foot over the left leg and tap your right heel on the floor besides your leg. Switch sides and continue for half a minute.


Start in a plank position and then make a step to the right by moving the right hand and foot in the same time. Return into the starting position and jump into a squat position. Place your hands on the floor to return to the starting position. Go on performing the exercise for a minute.

Kick and lunge combo

Start with the feet together, the hands near the chin. Kick with your right leg as high as possible, bend the knee and tap the toes on the floor. Lunge the right foot to the side, bend the knee to 90 degrees and keep the other leg straight. Return to the standing position and kick to the front again with the same leg. Go on for 30 seconds, alternating the legs.

Hip V-hold

Sit on the floor with your knees bent and with the palms besides you. Lift your torso into a tabletop position. Lower yourself to the floor, lean back to 45 degrees and raise your legs above the floor to 45 degrees to form a V. Hold position and then return to starting position.