Simple And Fast Exercises To Get Flat and Sexy Abs!

Getting rid of the belly fat and gaining flat, sexy abs is a desire of every one! But, how many of us know the right exercises that help gain that flat, sexy abs.

People often consider that getting flat sexy abs needs tons of cardio exercises.

However, it is not correct. Doing a few workouts also results in flat, sexy abs, but only when they are right workouts.

Follow these workouts to lose your belly fat and gain flat, sexy abs.

Band core twist: Tie a resistance band to a stable pole or strong exercise equipment, nearly at the chest height. Hold the handles or wrap the ends of the band firmly around both core twist

Now, turn to the direction where you join the band and take a standing position, but bring your center of gravity a little bit down through bending your knees and keeping your complete body weight on your heels.

Holding your both hands together and keeping near to your chest, stretch the band as much as possible.

Then, tighten your abs against the pull of the band and spin your rib cage to the right as much as you can. Move the chest and keep your head in the direction of the chest. Hold the position. Now, keeping the core muscles stretched, slowly get back to the initial position.

Side Bridge: Lay down on your right side and raise your upper body using your right hand. Straighten the legs and move them–cross the left leg over the right–with the intention that the thighs are lined up with the torso.

Hold this position by keeping the ribcage high away from the ground. Now, lift your body up (to the right side) by keeping your entire body weight on the hand that is placed on the floor as well as on the sides of feet.

Put pressure on the butt muscles as you push your body up to form a slanting line right from the head to the feet. Also, squeeze your abs and ensure that the hips are parallel to the floor and abdomen towards the front and not down to the ground.

Hold the position, breathe normally, and concentrate on the pelvis and ribcage and see that the torso does not droop. Allow the pose for about 5-10 seconds. If possible, continue to one minute. Then, get back to the original position. Repeat the workout by switching to the other side.

Low Balance Plank: To do this workout, lie down on your stomach keeping legs extended and forearms supporting to raise yourself up. Bend the toes below and lift the hips high away from the floor (normally 3-6 inches).

Hold the position with your body in a straight-line. Now, put pressure on your abs, take normal breathe and bring your shoulders low away from the ears.

Pull the abs in high away from the ground in order to balance out the muscles in your torso. Then, curl the right knee to get the calf vertical to the ground. Hold the position for a few seconds and get back to the starting position. Repeat the workout with the other side.