Six Workout Mistakes Which Cause Pain Or Injury In Long Run!

While practicing the workout, some of you will be performing some common mistakes which can cause injury or pain in your long run.

Rectifying the mistakes is a simple aspect where as finding them is somewhat typical aspect because the person who is practicing exercise believes that he is doing it in the correct way unless and until someone finds the mistake.

The experts from American Council on Exercise found that there are six common mistakes which have to be avoided by the people who are practicing exercise regularly. Better results or most of your workout can be achieved if you avoid the occurrence of these mistakes.Six Workout Mistakes

The common six workout wreckers which have to be avoided while practicing exercises are:

  • Jerking
  • Leaning
  • Not receiving enough rest
  • Locking your knees
  • Not warming up
  • Getting stuck in a rut


  • Mostly this jerking will occur while lifting the weights.
  • Be cautious while lifting the weights and lift them slowly.
  • Control all the aspects of your body and weight with equal balance.
  • Don’t use momentum to lift the weight, instead of that use the muscle to get better results.


  • Mostly this leaning will occur on the handrails of electric stair climber, treadmills, elliptical trainer, etc.
  • Due to this leaning, your workout will become less challenging and mostly pains or injuries will be obtained at your back and wrists.
  • So, don’t lean while performing the exercises.
  • Stand straight and barely brush your handrails for balance to avoid the occurrence of leaning while practicing the workout.

Not receiving enough rest:

  • Don’t perform the workout for long period of time when you are totally fatigued.
  • You will bet affected with injuries and some other sloppy techniques by practicing the exercise in totally fatigued state.
  • Give enough rest for your body for some time when ever you feel that you are tired and unable to continue it for further time.

Locking your knees:

  • At the time of practicing the workout, don’t keep your knees always straight, pains will be attained at the joints by doing this.
  • Bend them slightly to avoid the occurrence of injury while doing the exercise.

Not warming up:

  • Warm up is essential for each and every exercise.
  • Without proper warm up you will feel difficult to perform the exercise and your body also don’t encourage you to perform the exercise for long period of time.
  • Some injuries and pains also affect you if you don’t practice warm up exercise before starting the workout.

Getting stuck in a rut:

  • Try to perform something new while practicing the exercise; don’t get stuck to the same pattern for long period of time.
  • Change will challenge your body and your mind.