The Gladiator Challenge Called Spartacus Workout Routine

The main point of the Spartacus workout routine is to work every muscle group of your body. There have been 10 different kinds of exercises selected for this purpose and, also, there are one minute stations between them.

During this one minute your will have to perform the given exercise and in the end you will achieve the body that you have been dreaming about.

Spartacus Workout Routine

The Spartacus workout exercises have to be done three times a week in order for the results to show. In each station you should do as many of the exercises as you can, and you should rest for 15 seconds between the stations.

After the entire circuit is completed you are allowed to rest for 2 minutes.

Station 1 – goblet squat

In this station of the Spartacus workout program you will need to hold a dumbbell while performing the squats. Lower yourself until your thighs are parallel with the floor and then push back up.

Station 2 – mountain climber

This exercise of the Spartacus routine starts with a pushup position, and while maintaining the position of the lower body, you should lift your knee towards your chest. Perform the exercise for both legs.

Station 3 – single-arm dumbbell swing

This exercise from the Spartacus workout routine means that you will have to swing the dumbbell between your legs and then swing the dumbbell to shoulder level. Work each arm for 30 seconds.

Station 4 – the T-pushup

The routine of the Spartacus workout also includes a special kind of pushup. In the moment when your raise your body, grab the dumbbell with one arm and raise it over your shoulder.

Station 5 – split jump

The jump of the Spartacus workout routine means that you will have to have your legs crossed, then jump and in the air perform a scissor kick. In the moment of landing your legs have to be crossed, but the other leg should be forward.

Station 6 – dumbbell row

The torso should be almost parallel with the floor. Let the dumbbells hang and then row them upwards with the help of your upper arms. Take a pause and then repeat the exercise.

Station 7 – dumbbell side lunge and touch

Lower your body as you make a step with your left leg and while holding the dumbbells in your hands, bend at your waist and try to touch the floor with the weights. Then repeat this exercise of the Spartacus workout.

Station 8 – pushup-position row

In pushup position take a weight in your hands and row one of the weights to the side of your chest while bending your arm. Hold position and then lower the weight. Repeat with the other weight as well.

Station 9 – dumbbell lunge and rotation

Grab a dumbbell and lunge with one foot. When lunging, rotate your upper body to the side. Then return to starting position and do the same with the other leg.

Station 10 – dumbbell push press

This is the last of the Spartacus workout routine. You have to bend your knees and then push up while pressing the weights against your shoulders. After this final exercise of the Spartacus routine you can take a break.

Keep in mind that repeating the routine several times at least three times a week is the right way to go to obtain significant results.