Sprints Improve Metabolism

Want to increase your energy level? Want to send your metabolism through the roof?

Researchers have discovered that 3 minute sprints can dramatically increase your metabolism.

Best of all, these exercises only have to be done once every couple of days. That’s only 3 minutes compared to the 1440 minutes found in a single day. I know, it might seem really hard to find one minute in today’s hectic world.

But if 3 minutes of sprinting will increase your metabolism, leading to faster weight loss and more energy throughout the day, it seems more than worth it.

How to sprint?

Sprinting is very easy to do. If you feel comfortable sprinting outside, try running as fast as you can for 3 minutes straight.

Make sure that you find a spot that has plenty of space for you to run your hardest. If you find yourself limited space, try doing interval sprinting.

Clear out a room that is large enough for you to take at least 10 steps. Start at one end of the room and then run as fast as you can move yourself.

Pump your arms and lean forward in order to increase your speed. Once you reach the wall, slow down, pivot and run quickly in the other direction.

Early morning running

Another way to give your metabolism a jolt is to do your jogging in the morning. Get up 30 minutes early and jog.

The pace doesn’t matter as much as the consistency. Jog at a nice and even pace. Do not worry about challenging yourself because your body will have a difficulty running after a 6-8 hour fast at night. Running will give you the blood flow you need in order to function more quickly.

Also, jogging exercise is a better and more sustainable way of waking up than coffee, which simply forces your body to burn all its energy reserves really quickly leaving little left over for the rest of the day.

Other ways to improve metabolism

Running isn’t the only way to get your heart pumping and your nutrients circulating. Remaining hydrated will keep your body detoxified and more prepared to use the nutrients that course through your body.

Small meals will give your body a tiny boost of energy that will not cause your body’s metabolism to slow down in order to digest. Breakfast is absolutely necessary, since rest deprives your body of the nutrients needed to function quickly.

Most importantly, exercise and exercise well. Be sure to include weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and interval training in your daily routine. Just be very aware of how much energy your body has left. If you train too hard, your body will enter into emergency recover mode and will try to retain as much energy as possible.

This will result in an inevitable slowing down of the metabolism. Do not fall into the trap of starving yourself and over exercising. This will have the opposite results that you are looking for. Your body is not a machine but a plant. Take good care of it and it will flourish.