Standing Barbell Presses For Basic Abs Strength

While many people are of the conception that the standing barbell press may be the best solution for developing your shoulders, little did they realize that they can also work on your abs by just some minor technique changes.

At times, the most basic of the lifts are the most effective ones. Here are some advanced tactics to make optimum use of the basic lifts:

Dummies guide to generating muscle strength

Strength is calculated by your capability to generate muscle tension. The more you shrink and expand a muscle, the more strength you can instill in that muscle.

  1. Attempt to flex your bicep as much as you can without forming a fist.
  2. Make a fist and try flexing your bicep as much as you can and squeeze it.
  3. Try contracting your biceps tightly while making a fist.
  4. What we have been doing is called irradiation.

Hence, in order to create a higher contraction on your triceps [Tricep exercises] as well as shoulders, try contracting your abs. The positive side to this is that it also generates a firm foundation to push from.

It means that if you have succeeded in firming your abs thoroughly, the sagging effect would completely disappear. Similar to shoulder presses on a soft spring mattress is the process of lifting with softer abdominal muscles.