Start Your Day Right With Exercise

What better way to start your morning than with an energizing workout. An early morning workout will clear your mind and get the endorphins in your brain moving.

It will help prepare you for an awesome day. Take your workout outside for a new experience.

You will be able to feel the breeze on your face and listen to the birds sing in the trees while you exercise.

Breathing in the fresh air will help to pump oxygen through your body while you are working out. Your spacious yard will provide plenty of room for you to move.

Stretching Exercises

Touching your toes will work the muscles in your arms, legs, and back. It is a good stretching exercise. After you do toe touches, you can do sit ups to feel the muscles in your stomach burn.

Another great stretching exercise is to sit down on the ground with your legs stretched far apart, and then stretch your right arm to your left big toe, and then vice versa. You will feel the muscles on the inside of your legs start to tighten. That is how you know the stretching is working.

Stepping Up

The outdoors provides the perfect gym equipment for this exercise. Stepping Up is a simple exercise, but can really give you a work out. By being outside, you can utilize anything in your yard that you can step up on, and then step back down.

A large flat rock that is about four inches tall would be a great tool for this. You can also use the bottom step of your deck stairs. Even an old stump or fallen tree limb can provide a base for this exercise. Make sure to raise your head and keep your back erect.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a fun and easy way to get your blood pumping in the morning. Purchase a jump rope that has good grips on the handles. Ten minutes of jumping rope will be a significant help to your body. All you have to do is place your feet on flat ground, twirl the rope over your head, and jump over it.

Do this motion repeatedly for a great workout. You will not want to do this outdoor exercise on any surface that is wet, because it could be slick. Boxers use this type of exercise in their regimen.


This type of workout will work your whole body. Boxing is known as a cardio exercise. You should take the stance of a boxer, make sure your feet are apart and then put your left foot to the front of your right.

Raise your right foot up and keep your left foot firmly on the ground. Get your balance, with your knees bent, and elbows next to your body start boxing with your left hand at head level. Throw punches in a quick movement back and forth.

A morning outdoor workout will provide you with a healthy, strong body and an alert mind.