Strength Training Exercises For Building Triceps Muscles!

It doesn’t matter how much cardio workouts you do, you cannot strengthen your triceps and they still remain flabby and shapeless.

Triceps are the muscles that are located on the back of your upper arms. But, by adding strength training exercises in your daily routine, you can shape and tone your lower arms.

By practicing the strength training exercises, not only you can strengthen the lower arms, but you can also get more muscular balance.

But, before going to practice the triceps exercises, make sure that you get your doctor’s approval. In order to start the routine, first you need to buy a pair of dumbbells. It is better to practice with smaller weights than you normally do, because the triceps are not much used regularly.triceps muscles

If you are a beginner, then it is better to start with 3 pounds, intermediate users can lift 5-8 lbs, and advanced users can lift 10-12 lbs. Lifting more than 15 lbs is not recommended for anyone.

All the triceps exercises should be practiced in a slow and rhythmic manner. Don’t allow any jerking and do with full concentration. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions each.

Triceps kickback:

To start this workout, bend ahead at the waist and walk unsteadily so that one step is ahead of you and the other step is behind. Bend the front leg knee and expand your arms to full extent and keep your palms facing towards each other.

Back should be straight. Breathe in while you lift the arms, i.e. when you need to pick up the basket, or when you need to bend at the elbows.

Keep your upper arms parallel to the floor, when you are at the top of the movement. Breathe out slowly while you are lowering to the initial position.

Overhead extension:

To start the workout, you need to stand straight ahead by keeping your feet hip-width distant. Get a pair of dumbbells; enlarge your arms upwards as far as you can. The hands should be straight and over your head and keep your palms facing inwards.

Twist your arms at your elbows by keeping your upper arms attached to the ears and don’t forget that your palms should face inwards. Breathe in when you lower the dumbbells behind the head as much as you can do. Exhale and lift the dumbbells up to the initial position and feel that your triceps muscles are flexing. Ensure that your upper arms never move.

Lying triceps extension:

Stretch your legs completely while lying on the floor. Get a pair of dumbbells in each of the hand. Lift your arms straight up and keep your palms facing towards each other. Inhale while slowly bending your arms at your elbows.

Lower the dumbbells down and hold them on either side of your head i.e. by your ears. Breathe out when you return to the starting position.

Practice these triceps exercises for three days a week and you will be sooner on your way to get sleek and sexy arms.