Stretching Exercises Before And After Workout For Flexibility And Freedom Of Movement!

Stretching exercise is important to keep your joints strong and healthy to avoid arthritis pain.

Stretching exercises are great for your body which strengthens bones, muscles and joints.

You have to consider all aspects of the body when exercising to get best results.

Stair climbing strengthens the joints, bones and muscles of the lower area of the body. In the beginning, it will be difficult to climb stairs, but once you are used to it, it becomes less strenuous on your body.

You will find stair climbing difficult because your body’s strength is weak due to lack of exercise. Be sure to start with stretching exercise each time you begin to exercise and after the exercise. Stretching exercise provides flexibility and releases muscles so that they work at their best.Stretching Exercise

Swimming is an exercise that supports your joints. It allows you to use the entire body working it to a great fit. When you use the entire body, you are providing strength to the body it needs to reduce pain. Stretching exercise should be done before and after swimming as to avoid cramping.

Stretching Exercises for Flexibility:

If you cannot afford to go to gym, you can workout at your home. Play some music and start with few stretching exercises. Raise your arms over your head, stretch up left and stretch up right.

Side stretching exercises are simple and earn fitness at the stomach area and side areas. To keep your arms straight, hold a cloth as it protects the lower back. Stretch up right, left, front and in reverse.

Do few arm swings by swinging your arms behind your back while bending down towards the floor, bending down left, stretch up with arms extended over your head and swing back the arms down toward the right again. Also, practice tricep exercise to lose fat.

You can perform few elbow lifts, which is a form of stretching exercise by putting your elbows over your head and folding the arms so that both the hands touch the elbows up, down, right and to the side. Repeat until you feel little pain that come along with exercising.

You can also do knee lifts, elbow touches, head rolls, and forward bob. For knee lift, lift one leg up and touch the knee with the opposite elbow and repeat with the opposite side. It is a form of stretching exercise. For head roll, roll the head down to the front, right side, back, left side and to the front again.

Forward bob is similar to knee lifts. Follow the knee lift procedure and bob forward reaching half way to the floor, up again repeating the knee lift and back down in a forward bob.

Dance aerobics is the ultimate exercise that works with entire body and helps to control weight. If you are starting at your home, start with side steps. With music on, toss the left hip out to the side and twist your body slightly in the direction the hip goes. Step front, step to the side and step to the back.

After finishing dance aerobics, do few toe touches, flick-kicks, hip twists, and rocks to work off those extra pounds. Be sure to finish with few stretching exercises. These workouts not only build those joints but also protect your muscles and joints.