Suffering With Weak And Painful Knees? Knee Exercises To Support The Knee Joints!

Injury, overstress or genetics can be the cause of weak and painful knees.

But, the bad knees can seriously limit your workouts.

In important situations only, knee replacement surgery is recommended.

The cost is excessive to the average exerciser and therefore people give up carrying out fitness program.

There are plenty of knee exercises that don’t place as much stress on the knee joint.

With those knee exercises, you can build a healthy body without totally spoiling your knees.Knee Exercises

Yoga practice is an option for painful knees and serves as an excellent knee exercise. Even sports players are incorporating yoga into everyday fitness because of the benefits for both mind and body.

You can consult yoga instructor and explain if you have problem of knees. He will suggest the knee exercises without pain in the knees.

If you don’t want to attend classes or not interested to go to yoga studios, you can get videos from the markets which are designed especially for bad knees. You can select best knee exercises that suit you best.

Once you find the knee exercise in the video that suits you, watch the video several times and become comfortable with the movements.

Once you have got practiced with yoga poses from video, you can practice three times a week. Once your strength increases, make it as daily routine.

If you want teacher to come to you, many trained professionals are available. But, it will be expensive so you can share with two or three friends. The teaching will be individual and private and the price becomes manageable once you share with your friends.

Pilates is another exercise used as knee exercise. While yoga focuses on stretching and toning maintaining deep breathing, Pilates equipment focuses on building strength. It uses a series of movements that employ body’s weight as its resistance to train and strengthen muscles.

Few knee exercises in Pilates require strain on the knees. Therefore leg exercises can increase the strength of the quadriceps and hamstring muscles to better support the knee joints.

If you have strong midsection that can keep your upper body strong and erect, it lessens the strain placed on the knees by poor posture. Pilates can be used as good knee exercise as it corrects and relieves many areas of stress for people with bad knees.

You can also consult a practitioner for practicing Pilates. There are studios where classes for Pilates are available. Individual instructors are also available for private training at your home. Training at home is costlier than yoga.

Therefore yoga and Pilates are great for building muscle and strengthening the body. But, some of them have doubt whether these exercises burn fat. Ashtanga yoga is used as a knee exercise as it is physical and hard on tender knees. Pilates builds muscles, while Pilates reformer increases the heart rate.

Swimming is used as a good knee exercise for people with arthritis and tender joints because water supports the body and decreases the pressure on the frame in support of working the muscles and cardiovascular system.

Add three days of swimming workout into your schedule and you can see the fat disappears while your muscles become strong and beautiful.