Swimming For An Effective Total Body Workout

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise because it involves all muscle movement, mental alertness and although it is a relaxing workout the best benefits are to your heart and lungs. Even if you had injuries involving the bones and the spine, it can even be used as a means of rehabilitation to stimulate bone structure and increase muscle tone and strength.

And since swimming is an aerobic exercise, requiring constant oxygen supply and control of breathing, the lungs are trained to expand more and the heart to pump out more oxygen throughout the organs of the body.

swimming for body fitnessThese benefits however, can only be achieved through consistent and regular exercise. It can be used as a cross training to your regular workouts or a warm up or cool down session. Regular workout builds stamina, improves muscle strength and cardio-vascular fitness.

Other than the benefits mentioned, swimming is also a perfect time to bond with your family and friends or simply stay away from the summer heat and cool off.

It can also lead you to explore new places and the underwater world, enjoying your recreation while doing a whole lot of benefits to your mind and body. Swimming is also an excellent way to lose weight and have a lean[lean body] and sexy body because if you swim fast you can burn as much as 900 calories in just 30 minutes!

Other than the physical and social benefits of swimming, it also gives you psychological benefits and achieves a state of mental health free from stress.

You can do this by simply wandering inside the pool and swim with less effort while letting your mind relax and focus on nothing except feeling the rhythm of your body strokes in rhythm with the quiet water.

This can also be a form of meditation and quiet time giving you a sense of well being and rejuvenation. Doing this will help you focus more on your objectives in life, perform well in school or at work and you will find better relationships and a positive disposition in life.