The Best Chest Exercises for Men

When it comes to chest exercises for men, proper form is of great importance, and when it comes to form, the written word can perhaps not communicate as well as a visual demonstration, the correct way that an exercise should be performed.

So we collected some of the best and most popular male chest exercise videos, to demonstrate the best exercises for the chest and the correct form to perform them, in order to get the best results in terms of muscle mass as well as definition and striation.

This is a very popular video that features chest exercises for men, and which users have found to be effective and useful. Each part of the workout is visually explicated, including the amount of weight lifted, the kind of sets, and their duration and so on. Drop sets are recommended to tweak the workout.


With chest exercises, it can be easy to injure yourself. This video speaks about the importance of doing the chest exercises in a way that helps to avoid injury. The correct way to do flyes and dumbbell presses are detailed here.


Also the trainer in the video explains why you should try and have a spotter for your chest exercise if you use a bench to do your weights, and what to do if you do not have a spotter.

It is recommended that if you do your exercises lying on the ground, you can limit your range of motion and hence your chance of getting injured as well. There are also innovative suggestions for using books to elevate weights and so on.

One of the reasons why men really want to know about effective chest exercises is that they want to get rid of the dreaded man boobs. This is a medical condition known as Gynecomastia, which is possible to get rid of by performing proper chest exercises for men. This video talks about ways to build the width as well as the thickness of the chest.


Dumbbell flat press and the dumbbell flat fly, the incline press and the incline flies using dumbbells, are some of the exercises that the trainer teaches you how to do. Also explained is the importance of proper breathing when performing chest exercises for men.

This video explains how to perform the 5 best chest exercises for men that help develop muscle mass in the chest area. The flat chest press, the incline press, and other exercises, as well as the correct way of performing them, the number of reps and the time between sets is all explained here.


The third exercise explained has the weight on only one side and so hits the body differently than usual – it’s a one armed chest press. Again proper form is emphasized in the video, and the proper way to perform each of the chest exercises is shown.

This video shows a simple resistance workout for the shoulders, chest and the upper arms which uses resistance bands. This is not just chest exercise for men, but also upper body toning for men as well as women.