The Best Stamina And Endurance Workouts

Increasing stamina is important not only for athletes who want to perform better and for longer durations; it is also as important for the average individual, since it will help build overall fitness, improve immunity, strengthen the body and help to fight tiredness.

Working on building stamina and endurance becomes even more important as we age and find that we aren’t able to accomplish all that we could earlier.

Here are some workouts that can help you build stamina and endurance and even help you live longer, healthier lives:

Weights or Resistance exercise:

While cardio exercises are all very well for core strength development, resistance exercises have to be the most effective.

You can use machines, free weights or your own body weight to improve your musculature and enhance the cardiovascular system. These can greatly improve your stamina.


Hiking can be as strenuous as you want it to be. You can begin by going slow and slowly building up your stamina going for longer hikes with longer durations. You can also increase your stamina by changing the topography of your hike – the steeper the gradient the more intense your workout and the more you build up your stamina.

Heading for the outdoors can be invigorating, however if this is not possible, climb stairs. Stair climbing, like hiking, is an excellent way to improve stamina and endurance.

Bikram Yoga:

This is not just some new fad work out; it can be a grueling cardio workout. It is ninety minutes of sustained effort in a heated environment (110 degrees constant which is one of the important components of this) makes you sweat and can really help to build up endurance and stamina.


Stretching is important not just for becoming more flexible and reducing possibility of injury. When muscles are more agile and limber, they are able to perform better, for longer durations – this is what helps build endurance and stamina.

Cross Train:

By mixing up your exercise routines and incorporating lots of different elements you can help to build endurance. Play a contact sport one day, swim the next and go for a jog on the third. Constantly challenging your body to do different things for sustained periods can help to build its stamina and endurance.

Have Sex:

Believe it or not, having sex is one really effective way to build stamina and endurance. Not only does it do that, it increases a person’s vitality, and keeps them younger for longer – helping live a longer, healthier life.