The Firm and Burn Workout Explained

Summer is the best time to seek a workout program that will get you in shape fast. Workouts that help you lose 10 pounds in a record amount of time are able to train your metabolism for future constant weight loss. According to Zen Nguyen, corporate trainer and fitness guru alternating the strength sessions with cardio sessions will help you lose a larger amount of weight faster and with less effort than you would imagine.

The Firm and Burn Workout Explained


Cross jack jumps are your tool for toning arm and thigh muscles and warm up the abs. Alternate jumps feet apart crossing your arms up with jumps feet together as you cross your legs lowering your arms. This is the kind of exercise kids do in gym class but you will see it is extremely effective.

Walk like a Wild Thing

Spider walk is perfect for all muscle groups. Just get in the push up position and moving your legs, walk like a spider 6 steps forward and then revert to the initial position.

Crab walking is also part of this exercise group. Raise your torso in the table top position and walk forward keeping your back straight and using arms and legs. Every 5 steps raise your legs and touch your toes with the opposite hand.

Leg Exercises

Single leg balance squats are perfect to work your abs and butt and tone the legs further. With one leg side up lower your body into a half or low squat. Repeat 10 times and change leg.

Lie down with your back against the wall. Lift your leg up while tensing the leg resting on the floor with the heel pressed. Do this exercise 10 times then switch the leg.

Work Legs and Abs

Do some lunges by staying in the push up position and bringing the legs forward and then back. A classic pendulum can complete this group of exercises. Simply bend one leg back and keep your balance on the other leg reaching the top of the toes with the opposite hand.

Yoga Inspired Sculpting Exercise

Remember the downward facing dog? Dive forward using your arms and slide your body parallel to the floor. Come back up in the bend forward position. Repeat 10 times.

Another strength exercise you can do is lying on your stomach and keep hands and legs parallel to the floor. Roll on your back using just the power of your arm muscles.

Remember to also do some intense cardio too like riding a bike, do some swimming or go for an intense run and the results will appear fast.