The Importance Of Stretching

Stretching is one of the most important things you can do on a daily basis for your body, mind and spirit.

The health of these three depends upon the blood flow in your muscle tissues as well as your breathing techniques.

Have you ever noticed how dogs stretch every time they wake up from a nap? They stretch generously and if you notice they’re usually wagging their tails and happy!

Start your morning by stretching; when you wake up raise your hands above your head and rest them on the bed. Point your toes and stretch.Stretching

Arch yourself backward almost, getting the most out of the stretch. Make sure to breathe. Inhale and exhale slowly and purposefully.

Do this several times then slowly sit up to ensure the blood doesn’t rush from your head too quickly.

Periodically throughout your day take ‘stretch breaks’. My favorite is called ‘downward dog’. It is a yoga stretch but anyone would benefit from it, this is a great beneficial stretch. Place your hands on the ground and walk back a few steps.

You should be in a triangle or “v” shape with your body. Gently push with your arms until you feel a stretch all the way through your legs, and the small of your back. Stay here and breathe. You will feel better and be rejuvenated to go back to your daily grind.