The Junkyard Workout to Build Muscle and Lose Fat

Jon Denoris, Kinetica fitness ambassador and personal trainer to the stars, has formulated a new fitness regime; this new but at the same time traditional workout program is being called the Junkyard workout and actually uses junkyard items like ropes, discarded tires, sandbags and so on.

junkyyard workoutThis new kind of workout aims to do away with the boring and repetitive movements that working out with personal trainers and gyms can entail.

On the other hand it places emphasis on the kind of old fashioned physical movements that work out the entire body; the kind that our ancestors may have used while working with their hands – either in the home or out cultivating the fields.

This workout includes activities like ‘playing’ with a tire – a 50 kg piece of rubber is required to be lifted and flipped over to the other person and jumping up and down.

Then there are heavy ropes that you are supposed to move up and down by squatting slightly, great upper body workout!

Then you have to toss a 15 kg sandbag to the found, and by now you will have discovered muscles you did not know existed, because now everything is hurting!