The Main Components Of An MMA Workout

The ideal MMA workout is tailored to offer maximum gains in terms of endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility and agility to the fighter.

In addition to this, an ideal MMA workout should also be able to train a person to become tough mentally, since mental toughness and mental endurance can be powerful weapons against a fighting opponent.

A mentally challenging MMA workout can help a person achieve that mental toughness.

An MMA workout should have the following elements to be effective:

  • mma workoutIt is important to start an MMA workout with a proper warm up to get the heart rate up and also to warm up the muscle fibers.This can include short, repeated sprints, to really get the blood circulating. After each different workout segment, take a short one minute break.
  • Next, the upper body workout goes towards building strength of the muscles as well as their endurance.Here you can work with exercises such as pushups which will target the arms and the chest, then moving on to jumping jacks for building endurance, and then targeting the triceps and the back with bench dips.
  • Now move on to a full body circuit segment, which will build the body’s resistance to fatigue and helps the body develop the sort of body strength which will help a fighter improve the ability to perform lifts and takedowns.In this MMA workout, the aim is to increase the ability of the body to perform even under great pressure and high levels of exertion. This can include lifting, and a number of different burpees (a squat thrust that starts and ends in a standing position).

    Start with an object such as a heavy bag and then moving on to 25 pound dumbbells. Then try burpees with 15 pound dumbbells and then wind down with burpees using nothing but body weight

  • Now move on to the segment of the MMA workout that will condition the body for performing anaerobically by helping to keep the heart rate elevated which will help the body increase endurance.Jog on the spot bringing the knees up high and fast, then move on to the mountain climbing move that brings up the knees to chest level and then once again move on to jumping jacks, which will up your pulse and keep it up.
  • In the next MMA workout segment, use the full body weighted resistance.This is again going to help build endurance, strength and power using aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Perform squats using a single heavy plate and then using the same plate, perform overhead presses as well as shoulder circles performed in both directions and end the segment with bent over rows.
  • The last segment is again about conditioning however here, one should ideally focus on the core. Here exercises such as the tire sledge, power wheel rollouts, band pulls and snap downs, will help to stabilize your body and at the same time help to develop speed even when you’re off balance.Working on the core is a very important part of any MMA workout because this is where the power and balance of an effective fighter comes from.
  • Grip work should also form part of an MMA workout to assist with grappling, punching power, submissions and pull-ups.