The Pilates Exercises To Attain Strong Back Through Flexibility!

Pilates exercises will help you to obtain strong back. You can attain several advantages by practicing these exercises such as:

  • These Pilates exercises will help you to build strength without “bulking up”
  • Optimal core control will be developed within your body
  • These exercises will improve your flexibility and agility
  • Flat slender thighs, abdominals and a strong back will be created by practicing these exercises regularly
  • Pilates exercises assists to align your body
  • Your body will be stretched and strengthened a lot with these exercises
  • Your energy levels will be increased and weight loss will be achieved [Weight Loss Programs]
  • These exercises help in rehabilitation of injuriesPilates Exercise

These are the several advantages you can achieve by practicing Pilates exercise daily. Some easy and useful Pilates exercises are explained as follows:

Swinging warm-up:

Successful Pilates workout needs essential warm-up. Necessary warm-up will make your muscles loose by allowing flexibility and it also prevents cramping. This exercise is used to warm-up your spine and back muscles. You have to perform this exercise in slow and controlled motion.

  • In this Pilates exercise, you have to stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees soft and keep your arms straight up to the sky.
  • You have to remember that you should inhale while pulling your abs in and exhale while letting your arms fall forward.
  • First step in this exercise is inhale by pulling your abs. Let you arms fall forward by allowing your knees bend gently and by arching your back into a curve while exhaling.
  • You have to relax in that position by allowing your head and shoulders to fall forward. You have to keep your abs tight and make a note on how your spine reacts. You should obtain gentle stretch movement while performing the exercise.
  • Eventually your arms will be down to your sides and you have to pull them behind you as far as you are comfortable.
  • From that curled position, slowly come back to the starting position by inhaling.
  • Repeat this exercise as many times as you can.

The hundred:

Your torso will be strengthened by acquiring the back muscles to work in synergy with abdominal muscles with this exercise.

  • First you have to lie flat on your back on the floor by keeping your shoulders down. Lengthen your body and point your feet, leading the stretch with the top of your head.
  • Now slowly raise your both legs and head off the floor, by keeping your back flat on the floor. You should be sure to keep your chin tucked and neck neutral.
  • Now extend your arms and begin to lift and lower them at about 2 inches from the floor. You should breathe in on the lift and breathe out on the lower.
  • Do this Pilates exercise for 5-up –and-down beats and you have to repeat this exercise for 10 times, until you have done a “hundred”.

These are the two easy Pilates exercises, which helps you to attain strong back [Other Back Exercises].