The Right Exercises To Keep Osteoporosis At Bay

Osteoporosis is a condition that can cause broken bones, which can limit mobility and result in disability, particularly among women. Exercise is the best antidote to osteoporosis, which can help to protect and retain bone density and also increase muscle strength.

Exercise also helps improve balance and avoid falls, consequently adding to protection against broken bones. The following kinds of exercise help those with osteoporosis or those who are at high risk of the condition –

exercises for osteoporosisStrength Training using weight machines, free weights, water exercises, resistance bands can help strengthen the upper body and slow down the loss of minerals from the bones.

They can also help improve the posture that reduces bone stress and in turn helps maintain bone density.

Weight bearing aerobic activity such as walking, dancing, working or elliptical training machines, gardening and stair climbing or anything that requires the feet to bear the weight of the body, are beneficial.

Exercise to improve flexibility can also help because they help to improve balance and thereby reduce one’s chances of taking a fall.

Stability and balance exercises are also important since they help the muscles to work together to make a person more centered and stable, and less likely to fall.