Thigh Exercises for Sexy Firm Hips and Thighs!

Are you facing the problem of shapeless hips and thighs with excess fat?

This problem is faced by majority of women today.

Women’s bodies are designed to retain fat in the hip and thigh areas to assist with childbearing and be available for energy in case of scarcity.

But today women are not likely to need fat stored in her hips and thighs.

Fortunately you can slim down hips and thighs through a combination of healthy diet and thigh exercise.

The toning movements can specifically target so that your hips and thighs no longer stay in that odd shape.

Before starting thigh exercise, start assessing your diet. Do you eat a lot of junk food?Thigh Exercise

If you are a busy person, you cannot eat a healthy food since it is difficult to get away from work for a healthy meal. As a woman, you are prone to cravings for high fat and high calorie foods that have no nutritional value.

Women are prone to cravings because of premenstrual syndrome and emotional eating. Keep a food diary and write all those things you eat regularly. Note your diet and commit yourself to change your eating habits by providing yourself with healthy, nutritious foods that give right kind of fuel to your body.

Balanced diet and exercise help to alleviate symptoms of stress and helps to deal with your situation more effectively. Use a food journal to keep track of your weight and measurements once a week to provide accurate record of your progress over the weeks.

If your hips and thighs are out of shape, it requires a lot of fat burning with thigh exercise. Fat burning activity is important in reshaping your lower body and you should plan thigh exercise workout for at least four times a week for about thirty to forty five minutes each time.

You can also break the thirty minute workout into three ten minute workouts into your day. You can have intense short thigh exercise workouts effectively as longer workouts. It is good news if you are a busy woman. The best thigh exercise workouts for fat burning are power walking, swimming and high intensity aerobics.

These three thigh exercises burn calories from your body and helps to reduce fat from your body. The first priority is to burn fat to get real shape. In between these workouts, strengthen your hips and thighs by doing squats and lunges as well as lateral raises to tone the outer thighs.

You have to focus on strengthening thigh exercises until you have lost fat from hips ad thighs and this is an area that builds muscle quickly. Squats can tone up your buttocks and increase the power of your workouts.

Shaping up the hips and thighs with thigh exercise is not an impossible task. Make a plan, keep a food record and burn fat through fitness and exercise. Your lower body will reshape within few weeks and you can have a strong and beautiful lower body.