Thirteen Ways to Maximize Your Exercise Workout

Every one has a busy schedule and don’t have time to workout.

The first step in maximizing your health is making the time to exercise.

Doing the same workout over and over can get boring and are unlikely to see the improvements. You have to maximize your workout by following some of the ways.

1. Be consistent:

Maintain consistent time for the exercise workout. Studies have shown that 60 minutes of workout is best. You can do at least 30 minutes of exercise to experience any benefits of weight loss in the beginning. Slowly you can increase the workout time if you become convenient with 30 minutes.exercise

2. Maintain proper posture:

Maintain the proper posture during the workout to burn out the calories. Bad posture may lead to injuries and muscle pain. More importantly, bad posture prevents you from burning calories.

3. Be cautious:

If you are exercising for weight loss, consider weight bearing exercise. Non-weight bearing exercises like swimming and bicycling are not as efficient for weight loss.

4. Emphasize breathing:

During a cardio workout, check your breathing. During this workout, full breaths will deliver as much oxygen as possible to the working muscles, making them more efficient. When strength training, take full breaths during each exercise, exhaling on the exertion and inhaling as you release. You should never workout so hard that you can’t talk or begin to faint.

5. Increase your intensity:

Starting with low intensity, you have to increase the intensity of workout regularly. If you are doing workouts with weights, add weights to your cardio routine and you can see the results in three to four weeks. You should feel difficult to talk to the person next to you, if you are doing with the ideal intensity.

This prevents you from measuring your pulse or heart-rate monitor. If you can talk to the person next to you comfortably, then it means you are not working hard enough. But you should not go beyond the limit in increasing the intensity of workout.

6. Start with walking if you are overweight:

If you are overweight, start your workout with walking as it is an excellent choice. Once you are fit with walking, you have to increase the intensity of walking.

7. Do not exercise on empty stomach:

You should not exercise with empty stomach. Your body will not workout efficiently with empty stomach as you may feel tired.

8. Listen to music:

Music is a great reliever. Music can make workout more fun and listening to music give extra burst of energy to workout hardest.

9. Swimming:

Swimming is one of the best exercises working all the major muscles. But it exposes you to large amounts of chlorine which is present in most swimming pools. Select fresh water to swim.

10. Listen to your body:

If exercise worsens symptoms, change your workout program or if needed stop. As your health and energy improve, you will be able to tolerate larger amounts of aerobic exercise.

11. Stretches:

Apart from the aerobic exercises and other exercises, stretching is important for getting more out of your workout. Stretching assists in muscle recovery from strenuous workouts and can prevent pain and discomfort. Your entire body feels more comfortable when you have strong and flexible muscles.

12. Exercise at right time:

Exercise when you have the most energy rather than working at a time when you are exhausted completely. Work with your body’s natural energy levels.

13. Drink plenty of water:

Water helps you lose weight. It helps fill your stomach to stop your hunger. Your entire body slows down and works less efficiently when your body becomes dehydrated. It is important to replace the lost water after a workout as working out causes dehydration.

Every one run short on time these days but by following one or more of these simple ways, you can maximize your workout time.