Three Technologies That Help You Sleep Better

In a world where we spend obscene amounts of money on crazy diet crazes and products like “energy” drinks and “power bars”, the importance of getting a good night’s sleep is often grossly overlooked when it comes to energizing your life. In fact, a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that more than 40 million Americans suffer from a lack of sleep! But why is sleep so important?

In short, sleep is essential to one’s ability to be productive, which affects all aspects of life. Not getting enough sleep has been proven to cause apathy, a lack of emotion, memory impairment, and the inability to multitask. Obesity and depression have also been linked to sleep deprivation, especially in teen-agers.

Dr. Rapoport, an associate professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, claims that with practice, people are able to learn something new only up until a certain point but that “Something happens while you sleep that makes you learn it better.” What he means is that your brain continues to process what you’ve been practicing while you sleep; hence, the more you sleep, the faster you learn and improve.

The problem is that most people have obstacles in their lives preventing them from getting a good night’s sleep. With advancement in technology, however, comes innovation. Here are three recent advances in sleep technology that can help you not only sleep more, but to sleep better.

The Good Morning Snore Solution – Snoring is a disorder that prevents not only those who suffer from snoring from getting a proper night’s sleep, but their loved ones as well. There are several anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market, but most are known to leave you with a very sore jaw in the morning. The snoring solution from Good Morning Snore Solution, however, uses a gentle tongue-displacement technology, which is reported to be very comfortable. The device is clinically proven and comes with a money-back guarantee. Cost – $99.94

The Casper Mattress – For those who miss out on good sleep due to tossing & turning, the culprit is often found to be a low-quality mattress. The folks at Casper have created a mattress that resembles the technology behind Tempur-Pedic’s memory foam, which is showcased on a website so attractive they’ve somehow made shopping for a mattress seem fun. The Casper Mattress ships directly to your door and comes with a 100-Night trial period. Cost – starts at $500

The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock – An often unknown fact is that it’s not just a lack of sleep that can alter you mood. Waking up during the wrong sleep cycle can often negatively affect your day. The seemingly genius technology behind the Sleep Cycle App from Northcube AB monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you up only when you are in your lightest sleep cycle. Just lay your iPhone on the corner of your mattress, set up to a 90-minute window of when you want to wake up, and the app takes care of the rest. Cost – $.99 cents

Know of other cool advancements in sleep technology? Share them in the comments below!