Trampoline Exercise Is A Combination Of Great Fun And Physical Activity!

You may be thinking that trampolines are fun outdoor amusement game for children.

But, in fact, trampoline provides a fantastic exercise which sustains target heart rates.

Trampoline exercise helps to build cells and work beyond muscles to strengthen your bones.

Trampoline exercise helps in burning the necessary calories. Trampoline exercise increases the flow of blood throughout the body thereby increasing the availability of oxygen to each and every body cell.

There are foldable trampolines which can be stored easily.

Rebounders – mini trampolines:

Rebounders are popular for high aerobic fitness and fun. It is a unique type of exercise. It is done by bouncing on mini trampoline. It is a low impact exercise. Even a gentle bounce on trampoline can make your heart pump, tone your body, helps in losing weight and improves your metabolism. Trampoline Exercises

At the top of each jump, you achieve weightless state and you land with twice the force of gravity on each bounce. Rebounding can be done at home according to your convenience. This trampoline exercise is easy on your back and joints and it can be easily adjusted to your fitness level.

You can burn more calories on rebounding than jogging.  Working on trampoline gives complete cardio and aerobic workout.

For a sedentary worker, trampoline exercise is a good starting point. As it absorbs shocks and is flexible, aged and disabled people can also perform without any trouble.

Trampoline exercise can be done with workout shoes or with barefoot as well. You should be careful as you can injure your feet while exercising.  Initially start with small bounce which doesn’t lift your feet off the trampoline.

Once you are habituated with trampoline exercise, you can increase bounce, add running movements and acrobatic moves to increase your workout. You can simply jog on the trampoline. The more advanced trampoline exercise is jumping jack.

You can do jumping jacks simply in the normal way, but you should land on the trampoline after each bounce.  You can increase your bounce when you become comfortable with jumping jack.

Everyone adjust to balancing at different paces. Some take few days while some of them take several days.

Benefits of trampoline exercise:

  • As trampoline exercise gives aerobic effect on your body, intake of oxygen can be improved thereby heart and lungs are benefited.
  • Coordination and balance will be improved by performing trampoline exercise daily because achieving consistent height and balancing landings are required.
  • Jumping on trampoline provides easy way to exercise your muscles, improve reflexes and increase flexibility.
  • Your endurance levels can be built up.

Health benefits with trampoline exercise:

  • Your lymphatic system function is improved thereby improving immune system of the body.
  • Your muscle tone will be improved.
  • Muscles, tissues, cells and organs are strengthened which helps in preventing diseases.
  • Your bones will be strengthened.
  • Stress and tension can be reduced.
  • Cholesterol can be lowered.
  • It also gives relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches and other pains.
  • The effects of aging are lowered.